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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

24-hour slow cooked bolognese = bad idea

Now I had a great idea the other day. After having watched way too many cooking programmes, I decided that since all the chefs keep going on and on about how the flavours have to blend into one, I concluded that:

Cook for 3 hours = mmm, recommended thus
Cook for 24 hours = many more times as nice (24 / 3 = 8)

Result = Slightly burnt tasting, black coloured, dry as tree barks bolognese

I would show you a picture of the bolognese, but I was so busy trying to sweeten it with, of all things, salad dressing, that it didn't occur to me to take a picture. I know, where's the dedication.

However, another interesting fact here is that, somehow, my slow cooker seems to start of cooking everything nicely, and 24 hours later, whatever I cook ends up smelling the same.

After much consideration, my boyfriend (bf) and I decided that it was probably because we use the same ingredients when we use the slow cooker (i.e. beef, onions, garlic that sort of thing).

OK, so my curry smells like my bolognese. Big deal.

However, the new conclusion is that, the reason they smell the same is because (and no, curry should NOT smell like bolognese), it's because, they're overcooked and slightly burnt.

So here is a picture of that bolognese (aka curry):

Recipes have been thrown away.

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