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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Aubergine with pork mince

aubergine with pork mince - this is super duper

Put 5 aubergines (eggplants, brinjals, whatever) and some pork mince with lotsa garlic, and what do you have? Super duper, of course. After being cooked for about 10 minutes (light frying) in a wok, the aubergine pieces are soft, creamy and just that slight bit gloopy (in a good way).
The pork mince with 'chilli bean sauce' (don't ask me, ask Lee Kum Kee) is so fragrant and meaty, something about mince with sauce that makes it just so nice. Served with rice (my favourite food), a fried egg (my favourite food) and some soy sauce. This is 5 star super duper.
And just because it's 5 star, here's another pic.


Wantan noodles (less the wantan, just the noodles) with fried egg (what can I say, my favourite food), some oyster sauce, soy sauce and char siu sauce (Mr Lee Kum Kee again).

Remainder of dinner = lunch (while reading food blogs)

the texture is actually as good as it looks

This leads to another bit of trivial info (trifo) that I have.

Wantan noodles in Ipoh taste different from wantan noodles in Kuala Lumpur.

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Anonymous said...

Looks Yummy...for a moment I thought its restaurant cooked !!

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