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Monday, 6 October 2008

Reading food blogs while eating lunch - weird?

Just a short one here to ask this really meaningful question which has been bugging (actually, just puzzling) me for a while (10 minutes).

Is it weird to be reading food blogs while eating lunch?

In the office?

It's like one of the stories I used to hear as a kid. It went like this.

'There was this guy in a village who couldn't afford to eat dishes with rice. The neighbour who lived in the hut next door was very well-to-do and could cook plenty of dishes with each meal. So, every meal time, the guy (who couldn't afford the dishes) would have his bowl of plain rice, and sit by the window smelling away at the lovely aromas coming from his neighbour's hut, while imagining that he was eating those dishes. That way, he could pretend that he had those dishes with his rice.'

OK, so that's slightly pitiful, and it's not that I can't afford the dishes with my rice (to put it metaphorically).

The reason I do this is because what I have as my options for lunch are soups (always very salty, perhaps we get salt at discounted prices or something), sandwiches (each grind of pepper would cost another 10p more ... obviously an exaggeration but you get the idea), burgers and chips (hmmm), salad bar (what kind of salad bar has more pasta and potato than salad?).

The usual choice is salt, sorry, soup and some bread. Due to the fact that there is so much soup in the salt (ha ha), most days the soup tastes the same. So it's up to the bread to be different. Not much there. So most days, the bread tastes the same.

Thus, to make this quite varied, I read different food blogs for lunch. No smells there (however with advances in technology, who knows, I might be smelling blogs for lunch).

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