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Saturday, 8 November 2008

New presidents, new policies, and all that

For the first time in a long, long time, America has done something to be proud of.

It's not my place to talk about politics, but finally, that country has now something else to boast about besides the Whopper and Supersize Macs.

Not that those aren't boast-worthy, because they are, but now, people look at Americans and think, 'Good choice', as opposed to 'Large fries, and a Diet Coke'.

Let's hope we learn from this ey.

In the celebration of American democracy, I bring to you ... the Signature Hot Chocolate from that all-American coffee-smelling place that is Starbucks.

In Starbucks, the small sized drink is called 'Tall'. The medium sized drink is called a 'Grande' and a large is, but of course, a 'Venti.'

Let's now focus on the 'Tall' small drink. I've spent quite a few hours pondering the reasons behind this method of sizing, and the conclusion I've come to is that perhaps in the US of A, people feel somewhat ... weird to be asking for something in small sizes. So, to make these people feel more comfortable (re: Supersize Me), they've described the small as 'enlongated upwards' (or tall to you and me).
this is for the space
This is for the space
Of German origin, and very delicious, pretzels are bread pastry shaped (most of the time) in a three-looped knot. Sometime covered with cinammon sugar, sometimes salted, but always chewy (in a good way, not in a leftover pizza way) and best eaten when fresh out of the oven.
During the recent trip to Manchester, I discovered this place that sold Pretzels for £1. As a guide, £1 usually buys you half a door handle. Not the whole thing, but enough to look like a door handle, without the functions of one.
this is for the space
Located in the Arndale Centre (swishy shopping mall in town, now extended and even more swishy), the stall is called Ditsch. Besides pretzels, it also sells pizza slices and wedges.
This is for the space

Pasta was Pizza Hut

Enough said.

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