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Monday, 5 January 2009

Nando’s, 10 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 3JF

How many pictures of chicken is enough for one blog? Clearly, you can never have too many pictures of chicken in one blog. When a friend suggested we go to Nando’s for dinner, my boyfriend agreed excitedly, eager to have chicken swimming in Nando peri-peri sauce.

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However, my previous experiences at Nando’s gave me the conclusion that £16 is alot to pay for dehydrated chicken and chips. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to this Nando’s on Frith Street, which is quite a large restaurant.

As usual, the atmosphere at Nando’s can’t be faulted. Maybe it’s something to do with the lighting of the place, or the smell of grilled chicken, but it manages to create this warm, inviting environment which makes you wanna just sit down and eat some chicken. Gimme the chicken. Where’s the chicken.

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Mmm, chicken.

We had a 2 platters between the four of us, which had 2 chickens, and 2 large sides (chips and rice). Each platter (1 chicken and 1 large side, with 2 refillable drinks) was about £16 so if you can eat half a chicken by yourself, it’s a pretty good deal. Otherwise, you just look greedy with alot of chicken around you, unfinished.

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The rice was my favourite bit of the meal. Each grain is identifiable (Ted, Harry and Joe) and nicely al dante (terrible description of rice I know, but no other words describe how nice and chewy it was).

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The chicken was juicy and not mushy. You’re probably wondering what chicken I’ve had before which was mushy, but I kid you not, lots of chicken are mushy, especially those from the rotisserie counters in supermarkets (the words free-range and not-so-free-range jump up, waving). Not that I'm saying Nando's use free-range chicken, as I don't know if they do or not.

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The chips were lovely too, much better than chips from other places. After that meal, I went around other restaurants looking for chips to match those, but found none.

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This is the reason why most people go to Nando’s. The peri-peri sauce is well-known for being spicy. I tend to stick with the vinegar and ketchup.

The reason I go to Nando’s? It must be that warm, chickeny atmosphere that makes it so inviting.

Google Map to here! (Suggested by a reader, to be done on most of the posts if possible!)

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Anonymous said...

My experience with the local Nando's (yup, there are a couple in Vancouver!) has been sub-par. Chicken was dry and the peri-peri sauce was blah. However, I could blame the chicken, as, as far as I know, free range chickens are not used; instead, the massive produced ones. Would I give it a try again? I guess I should...

monchichi said...

There are tastier chickens from supermarkets, which is why I don't usually choose to go to Nando's where the price is much more than the supermarkets. This one was nice though. Perhaps you should give it another try, although I don't reckon the sauce is much different so if you don't like it, you prob still won't. :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you should bold the name of the dishes beneath the pictures so the ever rushing visitors can relate the pictures to dish names quickly.
Congratulations too, I am starting to see comments !!
I did not go onto this more than once or twice max each visit. Its the magic of numbers that do the work once you attain a certain level.

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