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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Piccola Italia, Soho


The English breakfast is something which is interpreted in different ways around the world.

In Asian countries, a Western breakfast means one frankfurter on the plate, with his sidekick of the fried egg, one square of cooked ham (fried and thinly sliced) and some toast. That is of course, not comparable to the full English breakfast that you get in greasy spoons around the UK, but is way better than the sorry excuse called the Continental breakfast that you find in most European countries.

(No, I'm not paying £12 for toast, juice and cereal. I don't care if it's unlimited servings, because I can't consume £12 worth of cereal.)


Last Saturday, the weather picked up and it was really sunny so we decided to explore London, beginning with the area around Oxford Street and Soho, where we found Piccola Italia, a small Italian-like cafe.


I say Italian-like because the menu had lots of pasta on it, but it also served English breakfasts, so I wouldn't vouch for its authenticity.


This was the English breakfast served to us. For £4.80, we got:

sausage x 1
fried egg x 2
bacon x 3
grilled tomatoes x 2 (or so, wasn't counting tomatoes)
grilled mushrooms
baked beans
toast x 2
hot drink x 1

The sausage was slightly soft, without much texture at all. I guess it wasn't top quality sausage but for £4.80, you can't complain (not to the waitress anyway). While the rest of the meal was average (you can't go wrong with tinned beans and fried eggs), the experience was made better as we were sat by the side of the street, people watching which made the meal very fun.


Little cupcakes on the counter which looked really nice, and the guy at the counter was nice enough to allow me to take pictures of them without actually buying any.

Such is the extravagance of being a food blogger.


Recommended? Hmm perhaps not this cafe as such, but if you're up for some people watching in Soho, perhaps so.

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Anonymous said...

Although I eat breakfast every single day, beans, fried eggs, sausages AND bacon, well, that's not something I will eat. I find them too heavy for breakfast. However, that might be a different story for lunch or dinner, hehehehe. (A side of greens will certainly help). Thanks for showing this!

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