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Monday, 27 April 2009

A little bit of something from Birmingham

I’ve been so busy recently that the list of places to blog about has been growing longer and longer. In case there were readers who came by regularly (and I say in case), just wanted to put up some pictures to ease the boredom while I try to get those posts out.

Duck 1

This is a duck I saw in Birmingham, by the canal. This is as much of a description as I can give, as I was in Birmingham for half an hour, and I didn’t know where the canal was. Duck pretending to be a stork or something.

Ducks swimming

More ducks swimming in the canal.

Birmingham 2

More posts (with food) coming up. Kitchen’s quite busy.


KimHo said...

The pictures are awesome! No worries about infrequent posts, after all, this is a work of love.

monchichi said...

That is such a nice comment, and I agree, blogging shouldn't be done with half effort!

Awesome said...

Awesome, real awesome pictures. Captured the mood and the situation that words cannot describe. Dont worry, I have seen many popular blogs that dont update as frequent you ha ha

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