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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Eating in (not something I’d cooked earlier) – April 09

Having stood outside the ship windows of Cinnabon many times, sometimes with the bf, sometimes without, but each time with hungry looks, the bf decided to just buy me a bun and stop the silliness once and for all.


As he’s said many times before that he didn’t like cinnamon, I gleefully thought to myself that this bun would be ALL MINE. Thing is, the food is always nicer on the other side, so he can’t help but takes bites of my food, which is when he discovered that he actually does like cinnamon now.

Half the bun for me.

Roast duck gravy from Four Seasons, Bayswater

To redeem himself after eating half of the cinnabun meant for me, he also bought half a roast duck from the bril Four Seasons in Bayswater. Once when we were queueing up, waiting for a table (no wait, no table) we heard the waitress-boss say to someone that if he wanted to have more duck gravy in his takeaway, that he should bring along a bottle or container as the restaurant could only give the gravy in small little polystyrene cups.

All along, we had been under the impression that the restaurant was so miserly in their gravy portions because it was a precious commodity (quite like Jimmy Shoes choos, only, free). (Haha)

This time, the bf was well ahead of the game, and brought along his empty M&S water bottle to the restaurant. We had enough gravy for the duck, the dinner the next day, and a stir fry.

Roast duck and rice

Sometimes, when you buy a takeaway, the quality of the food decreases compared to when you’re having it at a restaurant. Some might even say that there is a correlation to this decrease, ie the longer the time between the purchase and the eating, the lower the quality.

This is not the case with the roast duck from Four Seasons. Warmed up in the microwave before eating, this was just as nice as the real thing in the restaurant. With some gravy on hot rice, this made a fantastically enjoyable, delicious dinner.

Nando's chicken, takeaway £10.50

Nando’s chicken (one) for £10.50 – consumed almost entirely by the bf. Despite what you might think, it doesn’t take that much time, or effort, to consume one chicken by yourself. All it takes is a little bit of perseverance, a large plate and lots of peri-peri sauce.

Nando's peri-peri sauce (takeaway)

Me: ‘Is there a limit to the amount of sauce we can have for the takeaway chicken?’
Lady at counter: ‘No.’

10 minutes later, we’re three tubs full. The more the perri-er.

French beans and pickled veg omelette

Pickled Chinese vegetable and French bean omelette. One of my favourite dishes, easy to cook and so nice to have. Usually I don’t have the picked vegetable in it, but since I had some to hand, I chucked it in. If you’re looking at this in disgust, don’t. Try it once and you’ll scoff no more. Something about French beans being stir-fried slightly, and cooked with egg that makes it really tasty.

Sainsbury's £5 meal for two, chicken and mash with peas

This is what we call ‘oven food’. This is a piece of chicken with some sort of tomato flavoured paste on top of it, purchased from Sainsbury’s as part of a ‘2 can dine for £5’ promotion. The mash potato that came with it was really creamy and smooth, perhaps too creamy to be nutritional. For £2.50 a person, the chicken was actually quite good, and is something I’d consider having again when I don’t to cook.

M&S nibbles selection

Last Friday, when we felt like having nibbles for dinner, we went to Marks and Spencer and bought some of their 3-for-2 nibbles. Sausage rolls, meatballs and mini snack eggs (sausage meat with egg filling) came in one pack, the mini Melton Mowbray pork pies came in another.

M&S mini mowbray pork pies

This is what a mini Melton Mowbray pork pie looks like. See that bit of jelly that holds the meat and pastry together? That is why you DON’T heat up the pies, as I did. When I lifted the pie and had a bite, the jelly came sloshing out of the pie.

M&S nibbles selection 2

We also bought 2 portions of deep fried salt and pepper squid from Tai Won Mein (a noodle house selling very cheap food), some ready-cooked prawns from Marks and Spencer, and hummous to be eaten with … prawn crackers. Fusion food.

Tai Won Mein squid £3.95

Having read this, you might conclude that I don’t cook much, if at all. That’s not entirely true, as when I cook, it’s usually something really easy to make, and doesn’t look that great (or edible). I do cook though, I just don’t blog about it much.

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