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Friday, 31 July 2009

Let’s drive to Brighton on the weekend – July ‘09

Brighton 17

Looks like everyone had the same idea. Inspired by Bloc Party – Waiting for the 7:18 (band and a song, in case you were wondering). Nothing much to say, so I’ll let the pictures, lyrics, and some wit (infrequent) do the talking.

Brighton 3

They’re not joking with this sign. The seagulls were bigger than any ducks / swans / geese I’d ever seen. I’m not even sure they were seagulls, to be honest. They could have been flying Labradors for all I know.

Brighton 16

Waiting for the seven eighteen
January is endless
Weary-eyed and forlorn
The Northern Line is the loudest (Bloc Party)

Those coin machine things (the ones where you keep putting 1p coins in hoping to win 10p) really make me angry. You can’t even kick it or anything.

Brighton 4

Sitting in silence in bars after work
I've got nothing to add or contest
Can still kick a ball a hundred yards
We cling to bottles and memories of the past (Bloc Party)

Brighton 15

People sitting on the pebble beach, but from far enough, it looks like sand.

Brighton 13

Grinding your teeth in the middle of the night
With the sadness of those molars
Spend all your spare time trying to escape
With crosswords and sudoku (Bloc Party)

Brighton 12


Brighton 11

Fudge pot

If I could do it again
I'd make more mistakes
I'd not be so scared of falling
If I could do it again,
I'd climb more trees
I'd pick and I'd more wild
blackberries (Bloc Party)

Brighton 10

Dining out while the weather is warm (slightly warm counts too).

Brighton 9

Laffy taffy, and going slightly manic in a sweet shop.

Brighton 8

Bought some lemon curd here, not realising that all 3 pots had the same expiry date – of 5 days later. Lots of lemon curd type recipes were used within those days.

Brighton 7

Another colourful sight in Brighton.

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Rich said...

I want more Stewie sweets from the sweet shop.

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