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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Fish ‘n’ Chips, Harry Ramsden’s, Brighton

Brighton 1

I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the oceans roar
Do you love me do you surfer girl
Surfer girl surfer girl (Beach Boys)

No, I’ve not taken the lazy route of just posting lyrics with my pictures (actually I have). But the lyrics quite fit the picture, so it’s OK.

Harry Ramsden's fish and chips 5

Trying to decide where to eat after a lovely day at the Brighton beach, we had shortlisted a few places and went from one to the other, just looking in to see what the dining possibilities were.

Option 1 – fish and chips at the local chippy (greasy breezy)
Option 2 – fish and chips by the beach in the shack (microwave ping)
Option 3 – fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s

Seeing as we had all these varied and international choices to choose from, we decided on Harry Ramsden’s, purely based on the fact that it was (surprise) the cheapest. The dining-in prices were not cheap, but the takeaway (ie going to the counter, buying it in a takeaway box, and sitting outside) prices were cheap.

Divided by the restaurant wall, this option saved us about £10.

Harry Ramsden's fish and chips 4

Looking good, like the counter at KFC.

If you’ve never had fish and chips before, you’re missing out. Although the chips don’t look great here (they actually look quite bad), they were surprisingly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The fish was slightly more crispy than how I usually like it to be (soft batter is the way to go), and it felt as though the fish had been overcooked as it didn’t flake. Rather, it was kinda chewy, and if you can make cod and haddock chewy, you know you need more training with the fryer.

Harry Ramsden's fish and chips 1

With fish and chips, you gotta have mushy peas. Made of peas, and mushed, lovely.

To conclude, it was a reasonable meal, not the best (hey, cheap options usually aren’t) but good enough to please these non-discerning diners.


The Writer said...

If you're ever in Brighton again and want to try out an authentic family-run restaurant, check out Casa Don Carlos. The address is 5 Union Street, The Lanes,East Sussex, Brighton, BN1 1HA.

Seriously good hearty Spanish food, went there yesterday! (and i'm jealous you went to Peter Luger!)

monchichi said...

Hi Lauren, I'll most definitely try it out when we're there next! It's really nice receiving recommendations, so if you have any more, that would be great. Peter Luger's was really amazing, in fact, we're kinda sceptical about having steak elsewhere now.

The Writer said...

Ah great! Can't wait to see it on here, oh and I forgot to say you have to try out the Spanish Style roast lamb! Its a must!
Another recommendation would be Sophies Steakhouse in Covent Garden, I've been here a few times and its always been really good, friendly service ect. granted its a tad expensive but when I go I usually have a 2 for 1 voucher for the express menu which you have to sign up to their mailing list for, but its so worth it!
http://www.sophiessteakhouse.com/ and then become a friend for a free lunch.

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