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Friday, 16 October 2009

Home-cooking in London, all the way from Malaysia

My kitchen, if it could speak, must surely think that food either comes in leftover form, or fresh from the freezer straight to the oven. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, because I do. I just don’t seem to have the time, or motivation to cook most of the time.

Which is why when my mom decided to give the stove a good run for its money and cook us a huge meal of curry chicken, I felt the need to take a picture of the meal and write a whole post about it. Avid readers will note that my first post on the blog was about my cooking, albeit one which took more than a day and was slightly burnt and bitter. Despite that, I assure you I can cook. I just choose to blog about the unsuccessful bits, that’s all.

Sure, that’s what they all say.

Home cooking - curry chicken with nasi lemak

Here’s what my mom cooked. Having discovered where the spices, pots and pans were kept in my kitchen, my mom and paps decided to cook a huge pot of curry chicken for dinner. Not an easy task, I tell you. Not when it involves trying to get a huge piece of chicken to become little pieces, with a plastic chopping board.

Home cooking - curry chicken with wantan noodles

Hours later, we had curry. Very delicious curry with soft and tender chicken. So absolutely fantastic eaten with a ladies fingers (or okra) and prawns in sambal, a fried egg and some rice. A London-style Malaysian meal which really outshone the dishes from most restaurants here.


Paps said...

Nice to know you liked it, we like it too.

KimHo said...

At least there is somebody that could cook for you. In my case, it is all by myself... For me, to have something "home-cooked" means flying back a couple thousand of Km. -_-

monchichi said...

I really liked it, though I haven't tried to cook it since because it takes a long time to cook! KimHo, does this mean you cook it yourself to try and recreate the same thing, thus improving your cooking skills?

KimHo said...

I gave up some time ago trying to recreate my mother dishes for one reason: gas range. In Panama, propane (or was it butane?) the fuel of choice for cooking as it is relatively cheap; however, in Vancouver, most houses will have electric stoves. Even those that have gas, the BTU of these are small compared to the ones used in Panama. That is fine if you want to stew but, for stir-frying, that simply does not work. Nowadays, I try to create dishes that does not rely on this cooking method though I really wish I could cook with a wok...

monchichi said...

Hi KimHo, we cook with woks here, on the glass plate hobs, which is not as good as the gas hobs, but as good as we can get I suppose? I find it works almost as good as the gas ones as long as you leave the wok or pan on the hob for a long time, until it gets really hot. With gas hobs, you get the heat straightaway, but like you said, there is the tendency for food to get stewed rather than quickly fried!

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