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Friday, 23 October 2009

What I had for dinner – Meat and cheese

After having had a heavy meal of pork chop with fusion style spaghetti (anything which is anything is called fusion these days), we decided to have a lighter dinner the next day. Some of you may foolishly think of salads as light meals. We, on the other hand, consider meat, cheese and omelette to be light meals (it’s all relative, isn’t it). Light compared to an all you can eat, I suppose.

So, off we went to Sainsbury’s. Bought some cold meats, some cheeses, and there we had our dinner.

Ham and roast meat

A combination of roast beef, ham and roast pork.

Comte cheese

Comte cheese is currently my new favourite, its creamy, intense, slightly tangy flavour makes it one of those cheeses I just have to nibble on.


Bought another soft cheese just to see what it’d taste like, and it smelt and tasted very much like camembert, a bit like brie.

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