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Monday, 16 November 2009

Beef roast – The only roast worth making

We’d been wanting to make a roast for a while now. Not just any roast, but a beef roast, also known as The Only Roast Worth Making. Chicken fits in this category too, and so does lamb, and pretty much anything else that tastes nice roasted, but for the purpose of this post, let’s just imagine for a minute that roast beef is the only roast worth making. Otherwise, it won’t seem as spectacular.

Roast beef meal 6

So, with the intention of making a roast, and having leftovers from it for the next week, we set out to buy a large chunk of good quality meat, no expense spared (it was to be eaten over many meals, you see). Turns out we finished it in 1.5 meals, but never you mind about that now.

Roast beef meal 1

With beef in one hand, oven glove in the other, I set about marinating it with nothing but the best quality salt and pepper. Oven set at 220 degrees (no scientific reason, mere estimation), we set Boast Reef (clever? no) in the middle rack of the oven. Ten minutes later, and lots of excited peeks through the door, we turned down the temperature slightly as Jamie Oliver (that famous guy, you know him) said that meat should be roasted at very high temperature at the start, and then turned down to let the meat cook. So, we did that.

Roast beef meal 7

Seems it worked, and the meat that came out of that oven was one of the finest we’d ever cooked. Told you I prefer cooking to baking. It’s all about estimating and guessing. Easy.

Roast beef meal 2

What did we eat it with?

Roast beef meal - asparagus

Asparagus, and some potato dauphinoise-wannabes.

Roast beef meal 4

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Aaah look Katie! said...

Delicious looking roast beef!

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