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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Pilot Inn, 68 River Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 0BE

The original idea was to go to the Princess of Wales in Blackheath for the Sunday roast. That idea was somewhat thwarped when cats and dogs started raining, and everyone in Blackheath decided to go to the Princes of Wales for Sunday roast. The only other place which would be less crowded would be the Pilot Inn, so off we went.

The Pilot Inn menu

The Pilot Inn is one of those establishments where the vibe depends very much on whether or not there are people in the place. I guess you might say that applies to most places, but the decor here (traditional and very wood-y, almost like a comfortable, library with a roaring fireplace) means that without many people sitting around chatting, it’s almost like sitting in a library.

The Pilot Inn 2

On the Sunday that we were here, there were loads of people, but not so many that there wasn’t tables for us. Perfect.

The Pilot Inn - Roast beef 2 £8.95

Roast beef £8.95

When we first moved to London, the prices of roast was something of an eye-opener to us. Nearly a tenner for some roast? We’d shake our heads and look for some cheaper option elsewhere. Now, we know better. We know that £10 is the average price for a roast, and sometimes, it’s not even good roast.

The Pilot Inn - Roast beef 4 £8.95

The good thing was, the roast here is good. Almost excellent, even. If not for the slightly bland gravy. Huge portions accompanied by lots of wonderful roast vegetables (al dante carrots, a rare find these days), a fabulous looking Yorkshire pudding, and 2 generous slices of roast beef.

The Pilot Inn - Pea and ham soup with bread 2

Pea and ham soup £3.25

I chose the soup as I though that that would be the least tempting thing on the menu. Let me digress for a while here (the soup was delicious, by the way).

When I go to a restaurant, I immediately choose the nicest, most delicious, most scrumptious thing on the menu, and cross it off the list. I then cross items off one by one, according to whether or not they are:

- calorific (everything is, I know, but there are categories)
- commonly found everywhere (eating out for a reason)
- so delicious that I’ll probably finish it all myself, and glare at anyone who wants some

By the time this list is done with, there are usually not many items left on the menu. Soup is usually one of them. Side salads also sometimes feature.

Thus, it was very much a surprise (pleasant surprise) when I took one mouthful of the soup and discovered it to be the best soup I’ve had from a restaurant / pub / place selling food. The pieces of ham were actually evident (I know!!!) and the soup was so meaty tasting! So pea tasting! So fantastic!

Finished it all at one go, by myself.

Would I recommend this place? Of course! Now that I’ve just discovered it myself, we’re gonna be coming back to try out more of its menu, line by line!

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