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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Borough Market Part II

Previously when I did a post on Borough Market, a nice lady mentioned how she frequently did her shopping (as in grocery) at this market. I found it slightly incredulous (if not awe-inspiring) that someone actually does buy real food from this place, and not just touristy, token-type-having-to-buy-something-as-I’m-here (as I always do). Things here are just so expensive, or so I thought, until the lady corrected me.

Borough Market 39

Thing is, having been here again many times since, I still find it expensive. Most definitely not the type of place (for me anyway) to buy some cheese and bread (if I want anything else to eat for the week).

Borough Market 37

Sure, there are lots of nice things on display, but I reckon most of these are for the benefit of the first-time tourists who will most definitely be won over by the charm and utter loveliness of the items on display.


Undoubtedly, the people of the more affluential variety who live around here buy their groceries from here too, but as I said, I’m not one of those.

Borough Market 34

Look lady, you want the hot dog or not.

Borough Market 33

Strawberries looking so pretty. Like handbags in Harrods – slightly out of reach (just because I’m a cheapskate).

Borough Market 32

Strawberries and cream, though the ones I’ve seen before were served using single cream and the one here was served with whipped cream. I reckon the whipped cream would go better than the liquidy one.

Borough Market 30

Mmmmm melty cheese on hot bread. Someone told me that when they went skiing, they were served one of these cheeses all to themselves, and had their own mini grill, and they just scraped as much of as they wanted. That, to me, is like an all you can eat cheese buffet, on the plate. The stuff of dreams. Or nightmares, if you eat it too close to bedtime.

Borough Market 29

Grill. Scrape. Eat.

Borough Market 26

The people tending the hog roast stall seem to have changed from the last time we were there, and the price also seems to have gone up slightly, while the quantity has gone down. When we went the last time (as in before this one), we had a hog roast sandwich for about £5, and it was full, absolutely full with juicy pork, and lots and lots of crackling (because we asked nicely). After having that, we just couldn’t stop talking about it, and said that the next time we went back to Borough Market, we had to have another one.

Borough Market 24

Which we did. But the pork this time was not absolutely filling the bread, there wasn’t any pork crackling in there from what I could taste, and it was quite disappointing. So much so that we actually looked disappointed while we sat there eating it, each bite more disappointing than the last. Why we paid £6 for this was beyond our comprehension, and we bought 2 at a go, assuming that it would have been fabulous.

It was not. A sniff.

Borough Market 22

Lady at the coffee place which is kinda to the side of the market, and they serve (expensive) but very good coffee. Like Starbucks, but without the silly sizes.

Borough Market 21

Would you believe that this was actually a cake? Looks good, huh.

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