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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Eating in – brekkie

Half boiled egg 2

Been so busy that I’ve not been having breakfasts … actually I don’t usually have anything for breakfast so it’s not an excuse. However, that said, one Saturday some weeks ago, we found the leisurely time to have a nice home-cooked breakfast.

Half boiled egg 1

Half (more on the hard) boiled egg with soldiers (Western version) vs half (ie hard) boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper (Malaysian version).

Which was better? Well, they were both fantastic as I love eggs in all forms, so can’t really choose. The only difference is that one is more savoury than the other (soy sauce makes it slightly sweet also), and the Malaysian version was eaten on its own where as the Western version was eaten with soldiers (ie toast but cut into little rectangles).

Peanut butter and jam toast

Then I had some peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast. One of the nicest combinations for toast – aside from Marmite and honey which is also nice. I also like Marmite and marmalade, strangely nice with the combination of bitter salty Marmite and sweet citrusy marmalade. Milo and condensed milk, another great option. You gotta try it to believe it.

Smoked salmon and toast

Then we moved on to smoked salmon and some soldiers (not necessarily eaten together, but we had extras from the half-boiled egg.


OK gotta say, been eating out less than usual, but I still like taking pictures of food. When I start taking pictures of chocolates, you know I’m short of material.

Meatball pasta

This is a picture of the leftover meatball spaghetti that I had in the fridge. Whilst having breakfast, the lighting was really good for pictures, which is why I took out any food I had, even leftover non-cooked food, and starting snapping away. Looks nice, huh?

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