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Monday, 17 May 2010

Eggs for breakfast

Here’s something quite stupid. When I was a young kid, I used to associate certain types of meals with certain textures. For example, dinner to me usually looked like something out of a Western; complete with wood fire cackling with a tin of baked beans bubbling away above it. So, dinner was usually beany.

Lunch was usually mash-y in texture (this was in my mind, not in reality, of course). For someone who read alot of Archie comics as a kid, lunch in those comic scenes usually looked like a plate with nothing but mash on it, so for me, lunch looked like a plate of mash.

(It might be worth noting here that I did not have beans for dinner and mash for lunch. It was usually dishes with rice, but still, that didn’t stop me from picturing different types of food to represent different meals.)

Breakfast, now breakfast to me was always eggs.

Eggs breakfast 4

Eggs in any form was good to me. It didn’t help that I used to be allergic to eggs, so the opportunity to actually eat the round little things became one of rarity. Scrambled, fried, boiled, half boiled, poached, anyway you made it, eggs were my favourite food.


How many eggs are enough for an eggselent breakfast?

Eggs breakfast 1

Clearly, about four. Served atop buttery crumpets (M&S are the best for those), these lovely little quivering yolks break at the slightest touch of the fork, oozing into the waiting bubbles in the crumpets. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Hollow Legs said...

Four! Blimey. Big breakfast.

I also love eggs for breakfast, my current favourite way is crumpets buttered and marmited, cut into soldiers for dunking in soft-boiled eggs.

monchichi said...

Hi Lizzie,
Eggs and anything ... excellent choice. Speaking of Marmite, this might sound slightly weird to some (and I'm gonna post about it sometime), have you tried Marmite with porridge? Very nice. Marmite and honey on toast. Fantastic. Marmite in stir-fries, another great choice.

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