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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hoxton Apprentice, 16 Hoxton Square London N1 6NT

One sunny weekend (a few weekends ago), the bf and I decided to go to Hoxton Square to bring down the arty atmosphere there a notch or two. Hoxton Square is located near Shoreditch (or possibly, in Shoreditch?) which, come on, everyone knows is an arty sort of area.

For pictures of what the place looks like, check out the link to the restaurant. I didn’t take any pictures in the excitement in finding the place for brunch, though it was a really awesome sunny day, so the pictures would have been soooo good.

Anyway, this restaurant is something different altogether; something I found out while I was on my way to the ladies. Why, you ask (no, not why I was going to the ladies, but why is it different).

Well, as taken DIRECTLY from their website:

Hoxton Apprentice is part of a group of apprentice restaurants owned by the charity, Training For Life. It is a social enterprise combining two purposes – to serve you great modern European food at affordable prices and also to give people who have rather lost their way in life a chance to get their lives back on track, learning the skills that will secure them employment in the hospitality industry.

Which made it even more awe-inspiring that the guy serving us proved to be one of the most polite, attentive, and accommodating waiters we’ve had the pleasure of being served by.

Hoxton Apprentice - Eggs benedict and chips

Having only wanted to sit there for a drink, the menu proved too difficult to resist (like most menus). So, we picked the cheapest item there aside from the fries, and ordered it. The Eggs Benedict (about a fiver) was so very yummy.

Hoxton Apprentice - Eggs benedict and chips

For that price, we got quite alot. One English muffin (or, I call it, the McDonald’s-style muffin, yes, how un-haute cuisine) halved, toasted, topped with really beautiful, wobbling, delicate little poached eggs, and creamy hollandaise sauce.

Hoxton Apprentice - Eggs benedict and chips

Not the best picture of what it should look like, but it sure tasted good.

Hoxton Apprentice - Eggs benedict and chips

For the cheapest item on the menu, these fries were one of the best we’ve had.

Most definitely would recommend this place, we really enjoyed it, and would go back there again one sunny weekend.

Google Maps to here!

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