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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Well, my stomach's seen an improvement so that's a good start.

(No pictures in this post as I haven't been eating out much, but still wanted to blog about something.)

In fact, after 2 seconds' consideration, it would seem that instead of increasing your appetite (as I hope my posts usually do), this one might serve to ... decrease it somewhat.

Today, I shall be exploring the topic of Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a topic not usually found on food blogs worldwide.

Anyhow, like I was saying, my tummy had been feeling really weird for the last 5 weeks or so, and while I could put the first week down to some stomach bug or dodgy food I'd eaten, I'd begun to worry by week 2 that it was something more than that.

After several (weeks of) sleepless nights spent pretty much wondering how I should decorate the loo while being in the loo, I went to the doctor and presented my concerns to him. The ever-cool doctor mumbled something along the lines of ... 'it's quite common ... don't know the cause of IBS ... you should eliminate what foods make it worse', and I concluded that he knew as much about this as I did.

A couple of things which I thought I could have been allergic to (which worried me to no end because how on earth can I, the person who eats everything, be allergic to anything!!!):

a) MSG - oh dear, if I was allergic to MSG, that would mean the end of all Chinese takeaways, because after all, if not for MSG, what good would there be in Chinese takeaways?
b) Juice - not too bad, this one. I could do without juice
c) Bread - a caeliac ... also not too bad, though I might have considered going through tummy pain just for some soft, hot, freshly baked bread ...
d) Fruit
e) Clams
f) Grease

In fact, pretty much anything and everything I ate, at one point or another, would trigger of these pains. Completely flabbergasted, I started taking notes of what I was eating, and still I could not find a pattern of food which would cause the pain to start.

After about 5 weeks or so, the bf suggested that it could be stress that was causing me to react the way I did. In fact, after considering this little idea for a bit, I began to see how that might actually be a factor, because I seemed to get the pains every Friday and Wednesday (research shows people at work get more stressed on Wednesdays ... ).

Now that the pain has almost stopped, and the particular thing I'm working on that was making me stressed has almost stopped also, I am beginning to conclude that yes, it was most possible the stress that was making me have these really uncomfortable pains, and not any food!

Woo hoo! Let the food eating commence!!


KimHo said...

Ouch, I feel your pain! >_<

Good to know you are feeling better now. Hopefully more posts soon! ;)

monchichi said...

Hi KimHo, the tummy has started behaving again, thanks for asking!

jo said...

I love my food too and i think i'm prone to IBS when i'm stressed. i found that having plain organic yoghurt in the morning helps and cutting out milk. Good luck!

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