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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yummy yummy in my tummy (soon)

OK - about time I made a list of restaurants I want to try out, and maybe try to put a little effort in making it happen.

1. Asakusa - actually went as far as booking a table for 4 a week ahead (they don't do last minute bookings because lots of people have the same idea) and then forgot about it the week after

2. Dong San, Soho - read about this when I was doing some research on Assa, and the people seem to like this one. Must see what the big deal is about the place, especially the beef sashimi

3. Artisan - had a company meal here once, fab fab stuff. Gonna go again with camera because he likes eating too

4. Royal China Club (the real one on Baker Street) - when I'm feeling a bit flush, maybe. Actually went in there and took lots of photos thinking that we were going there for dinner one night, only to realise when our friends called to find out where we were that we were meant to be going to the OTHER Royal China just a few doors down. :(

5. Suggestions welcomed - Anywhere good for Moroccan, Russian, good ol' American grub, anything exotic!

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