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Monday, 5 September 2011

New York Eats – Cafe Metro

New York - Metro Cafe

OK – so there are many locations for this cafe, and I, being the bright spark that I am, didn’t take note of which one we went to, so here’s the website and you can maybe try to figure out which one it was …

New York - Metro Cafe

Nothing like a picture of a happy guy waving behind a food counter.

New York - Metro Cafe

So anyhow, we stopped by this cafe for a quick brunch before shopping. Not that we could do much shopping anyway as the GBP was kinda trailing behind the USD in all sort of disappointing ways at the time (and still seems to be). Since we couldn't afford shopping for clothes, we could at least try to shop for food.

I mean, you have to do what you have to do for the economy.

New York - Metro Cafe french toast and bacon

Helpfully enough, these 2 bleary-eyed jet-lagged tourists had not just picture menus, but ACTUAL food items on display to assist with the ever arduous task of food ordering.

(Lighting kinda sucks because this was at the counter where there wasn't much natural light, but fear not, sunshine on food is on its way.)

New York - Cafe Metro french toast and bacon

So, as they say, start as you mean to go on, and since we meant to go on as eggs and bacon with a generous drizzle (downpour) of maple/pancake syrup, that was what we ordered.

New York - Cafe Metro french toast and bacon

Because you can never get enough of a good bacon and egg picture, here it is again.

New York - Cafe Metro french toast and bacon

When it drizzles (syrup), it pours (lots of syrup). Keep 'em coming. No, it's not completely empty in the carton yet ... go on, come on, quickly now.

New York - Cafe Metro french toast and bacon

And this is what 1,500 calories looks like (plus minus a few hundred calories). No joke. I may not know the exact amount of calories on this thing, but it was roughly around that mark because they mentioned it on the menu and I went Moly Macaroni, how much?!?!

Thing is, if you order this you shouldn't really be talking calories malories, so let's not. Besides, we're on holiday, and calories don't count, or even exist, on holiday.

New York - Cafe Metro french toast

Each piece of French toast was fluffy like cotton candy upon clouds, and when bit into, squelched out a lovely sweet little burst of syrup. What's not to like?

Bacon? Check - yummerz
Egg? Check - always a favourite no matter how it's cooked

New York - Cafe Metro french toast

Resistance is futile. One bite of this amazing syrup-fluff is enough to make you want more.

New York - Metro Cafe cheesecake

Cheesecake - when you haven't had enough for brunch

So, when in New York, how could we not try the New York Cheesecake. I don't know enough about this variety of cake to know if this is the real thing or not, but it sure tasted good.

New York - Cafe Metro

Like, if you're really full, and can't eat anymore, but yet make the effort to have some cheesecake, and it still tastes good, you know it's a good piece of cake.

So, even though I am not sure which Cafe Metro we went to, or in fact, where it was in New York, the food we had at this one satisfied all our brunch cravings that day. The food was good, the place was comfy, and most importantly, they had a window with good lighting so I could take as many pics as I wanted.

Cafe Metro on Urbanspoon

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