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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

To warmer weather

The winter chill is in the air again. I know this because I can't stand at the bus stop for more than a minute before wishing I was back indoors. In the summer, that used to span at least ten minutes so I know that the sunny sunshiny summer days are possibly a thing of the past (or until next year, at least).

As all good Garganey ducks do, we shall be migrating to warmer weather soon to escape the chill. I'd like to go the whole hog and have a 'V' formation with the troops but alas, 2 people do not form a 'V', whichever way you look at it, so it shall have to be a horizontal 'I', at the best of times.

The eating continues, though, as any migrating bird with half a feather can tell you, and sometimes the consumption habits are ramped up to account for the extra energy used.

As such, I shall hopefully be posting more about places in London as we frantically eat our way around town before we leave.

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