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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Chatime, Orchard Road


When I was in the UK, I'd read longingly as bloggers such as Su from Delectable wrote about what they had from Chatime, while I drank my filtered Brita water pretending it was bubble tea.

But now, I can have Chatime for real!

No more pretend bubbles! No more pretend tea!


The Chatime I visited was in the basement of a mall somewhere along Orchard Road. If you'd read the Din Tai Fung post, you'll probably know that I still have not managed to find my way around Orchard Road yet (and doubt I ever will).

Every mall is connected to another mall which in turn is connected to the same MRT station.



I think I need some time to ponder this menu

With a selection bigger than most restaurant menus, it takes time trying to figure out what to order here. Plus, some of the things need a little translation of their own. For example:

QQ Milk Tea which would be ...?


Anyhow, I finally decided on the Matcha Tea Latte which turned out a little milkier than how I like it (I'll know for next time anyhow).

Pretty, isn't it?


When stirred, the green and white layers (green tea and milk) get mixed together and the resulting taste is very similar to that of green tea (because it is green tea). Slightly salty (just very slightly), and with a slight bitter green tea taste to it, I found it to be quite nice. Would probably try something a little lighter next time.

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