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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Oh found you!

Maybe I should explain myself a little before I begin. So, after the post below, having eaten a lot in the month of December, I finally started my new job in January. It’s not that I stopped eating from there on, but I’ve been so busy that even the thought of taking any photos or blogging was enough to make me panic a little.

But anyway, all that is a story for another day.

We’re currently in the UK for a few weeks, winding down and relaxing a little, so the fingers started itching for the camera and this blog once again. Having arrived on Monday, we went for a short 2-day break to London on Wednesday, and boy oh boy are there quite a few Union Jacks (and all Union Jack-related items) around London (Jubilee weekend is next week).


View from Embankment Bridge – Southbank-side.


Bring out the moth-bitten summer clothing. Warm weather is here (for a few days).

Man sitting by Southbank

Saw this guy sitting by Southbank as I was crossing the bridge and found his posture and colour coordination too interesting to not be captured.


Standing on the bridge, looking down, there was this array of …


Boat on embankment

Man doing a bit of Baywatch-style boating across the Thames.


My usual fruit stall outside Embankment Station.

Red post box

Red telephone box

Tyrant collection notes

Rubbish exchange rates and definitely pretty sure no appreciation in value but at least you get nice colours.

Bicycle sign





Jubilee Cupcakes Union Jack

Union Jack made entirely of cupcakes!

Jubilee Queen Painting

Jubilee Waving Queen

Changing the lightbulb.

Postcard rack

London Jubilee Flags

London Jubilee Flags

London Jubilee Flags

OK just a few pictures to start off with. More coming soon – food related ones too.

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