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Friday, 3 October 2008

Boat racing - Canary Wharf

This is also known as 'Drenched, tired and cold in Canary Wharf'.

The wind was howling outside the window, the window panes were clattering against the walls, much like the sounds of arctic winds against the igloo walls on a cold day.

And we're going boat racing.

In my bag: One dry t-shirt, one dry jumper, one dry pair of jeans

On me: Soon to be very wet and cold clothes

Now, taking into account that's not all we're going to be doing (no, there's going to be crazy golf too, woop dee doo) I have dressed in what can only be described as warm, unfashionable, geek-styled teenage wear. For this summery occasion, I have worn 3 layers of clothing, one winter coat, gloves, warm socks and shoes, and am holding one small container of porridge.

I am what you might call, a seasoned boat rower.

All around the place I have asked, are you going to the race? All around the place, I see people looking nervous (and cold) saying 'Er, yes, yes I am ...' while frantically finding reasons not to (i.e. dentist appointment, carrot growing seminar, cup rinsing convention).

On another note, just a small update on my dinner. After having one bowl of the curry aka bolognese aka slightly burnt stew, we have been having noodles for the last 3 days. Because I made so much of the noodles, I have also been having them for lunch for the last 2 days.

Using some basic Maths, I have made enough noodles for:

(3 dinners x 2 ppl) + 2 lunches = 8 meals

Portion control is not one of my traits.

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