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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

London - Here, there, everywhere

What can I say about London that’s not been pretentiously said by many before …

OK, how about this.

The mice on the Tube tracks are tiiiineeeeeeee, cute little scuttly things.

Makes me wanna pick ‘em up and squish ‘em all over (in an adorable way, of course).
Of course, I don’t do that because that would make the tourists stare, but it’s just an idea that pops about when I see them doing their little scuttles (to the tune of the Macarena).

The camera and I (named Cameron, after much deliberation) have been going round town, looking at things through rectangles, and snapping away.

The result of this is … more usage of space in the intangible space of the web.

Now, don’t get the impression that all bus conductors hang off the back of a bus, looking English. This is just a pretend bus. As in, one of those buses that try to look like what tourists want the buses to look like.

And here, we begin the exhibition of ‘Purply coloured skylines’ (all around London town).

View from Embankment Park

Somewhere near Harrods

Isn't that just fabulous.

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