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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Efes Meze, 170 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9TZ

We've been wanting to have some hummous-y type of food for a while now, you know the kind, hummous, lots of warm bread and nice skewers of kebab.
So, I did some research on the restaurants around Greenwich to see if any were recommended by food blogs from around.

The research was swift, mainly because there is one restaurant serving that kind of food in Greenwich, and it's Efe's Meze on Trafalgar Road.

(If I try to do a review of all the restaurants in Greenwich, and have a meal in each of them, it'd take me, say, a good whole 2 days to do it.)

Anyhow, the exterior of the restaurant gives you the impression that it's quite a dimly lit restaurant with the ambience of Dallas in the seventies. Once you're in it, however, it's quite bright. I'm not sure why this is, perhaps their windows are tinted really well.

As you're being ushered to your table, you go by a grilling counter where a guy sits, grilling skewers of meat. Like most kebab places in London, there is another refridgerated window next to the grill, with more skewers, supposedly to show you what it is you're ordering.

The menu is about 3 pages long, and prices are slightly more than what you'd expect from a dimly-lit restaurant on Trafalgar Road.

What made it slightly better than most menus were the words 'complimentary' thrown in here and there in the drinks and extras section of the menu. The Turkish tea is free, and so is the first order of bread in a basket.

I ordered tea and some bread.

My boyfriend ordered the meze set (4 cold mezes and 1 hot for £10) and chicken kebab with rice (£7.95).

This is one of the cold mezes, made of grilled vegetables.

Cous cous with tomato, another one of the cold mezes.

Hummous with an olive, decorative purposes perhaps? The sprinkling paprika didn't add much to the flavour. Smooth and tangy, it went well with the (free) bread.

This was the nicest dish of the meal, but for some pieces of chicken and a portion of pilau rice so small that it could have been eaten entirely in 2 forkfuls, £7.95 is too expensive for my liking. You could easily get the same portion of kebab, and a lot more rice for less than £5 if you weren't in a dimly-lit restaurant.

Would I return to this restaurant? If they lower their prices, maybe.

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Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a delightful hummus lunch or dinner, then try Hummmus Bros on Wardour St, SOHO - wonderfully smooth hummus, with a wide selection of toppings, and steaming hot and fluffy pitta - yummy!

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