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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Salmon and bolognese

When you're working late, tired, and very hungry, what're you gonna do?
Ask the boyfriend to cook, of course.

But in this case, he offered to cook even before I had come up with the brilliant idea. Of course, this idea will be brought out again sometime soon.

Eating out often certainly does improve your cooking skills. Unless, of course, you didn't know how to fry an egg to begin with. If you already know how to cook, and if you have quite a good palate for tastes and texture, dining out more often means that you have the opportunity to try many different combinations of foods that you otherwise wouldn't have made for yourself.

And how did I come to that conclusion? My boyfriend has not cooked Chinese food before (not a whole meal), and yesterday, he cooked:

1. Shallow fried salmon fillet in a miso, garlic, ginger and ShaoXing wine sauce (OK, OK, so miso isn't Chinese). This tasted so fabulous. The ginger had infused with the miso to create this salty, gingery mush on top of the salmon which was tender and just ... mmm.
2. Long beans stir fried with garlic and chilli (almost like the ones from Chinese restaurants), and
3. Egg fried rice, fluffy, yellow and better than mine

It was such a surprisingly delicious combination that I HAD to post about it, so here it is.

Here's what I made, spaghetti bolognese. One cooking programme on BBC1 said that the proper Italian way of making this is by using equal portions of beef and pork, and some onions, passata, and chopped tomatoes, simmered for 3 hours. It said that the original version of bolognese was made with pork chunks, and when simmered, the meat became tender and blended into the sauce.

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Anonymous said...

Wow if you did not mention its yr boyfriend's cooking, I would have convinced its from Jamie's. Good combo too. Great stuff. awesome

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