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Saturday, 28 March 2009

That little town called Camden Town

Crowded streets, spiky hair, tattoos and nose piercings.

And that’s before you come out of the station.


It’s an interesting place, Camden. Especially when the road signs seem to have been Tip-Exed or painted with something, possible to erase the graffiti which was there to erase the sign which was there to erase the graffiti.


If you’re not a teenager, if you’re not even in your twenties, then perhaps you’d like to know where the cool kids are chilling out. That would be at this classy, puke-free, clean-looking place called the Electric Ballroom.

DSC_0420 hoya intensifier

This is where young, not so trendy indie-kids come to hang out. The older but more trendy ones go to Soho where it’s also not puke-free, slightly more stylish but definitely more unfriendly on the pocket.

DSC_0432 hoya

If you’re hungry in Camden, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice (what do you mean fast food isn’t real food). Some sunglasses with your chicken noodles? Sure thing.

DSC_0436 hoya sepia

Subliminal messaging. If you want to blend in here, best get a couple of these (tattoos, not yellow signboards).


Nothing says friendly like this leather, metal-studded I Hate People jacket.

‘Have a flyer’.

‘I’ll take the stack’.


On a sunny (albeit very very cold) day, Camden is perfect for pictures. Camden is not called Camden Locks for no reason. Underneath this bridge, there is a river.

DSC_0466 hoya sepia

Even in the middle of Camden Lock, amidst all the trendy, hippie, vintage-chic, there is Starbucks. All for the environment, not for the coffee.

DSC_0492 hoya intensifier

DSC_0498 hoya intensifier


Pimms for an almost summery day. This is one of those traditionally English drinks, usually ordered by every English person on days when there are sunshine (about twice a year). Made with Pimms No.1 (gin-based) and some fruits (oranges, apples) and cucumber, this is served chilled, with sunglasses.


If you fancy exotic food things while in Camden town, you’re gonna be happy. Lots and lots of stalls, possibly not the cheapest, but full of variety.


When we went by this stall and saw the colourful mountain of rice, I just had to snap a picture. After I snapped a couple of hundred or so pics, I naturally felt obliged to buy something from the stall so I asked my friend to do so.


The choices were aplenty, so we used the point and pick technique.


This was the curry my friend bought, and I had a taste. Usually, things which are cooked in pans to feed 100 people aren’t amazing, but this was really good.


Curry goat (apparently this is the way to say it, and not goat curry like you would have done) with rice. This was very flavoursome, the stirring in the huge pot must have infused the flavours even more, and made the meat all tender.

This goes to show that not all industrial-sized cooking has to end up like mine; slightly burnt and tasting of burnt bits. For the recipe, refer to this post.


Fudge, not liked by me.


Perhaps if they didn’t accept cards, I might not have taken this picture.

A vintage shop selling very colourful vintage clothings.


Donuts chilling out in the cold, who can resist that.


When we stopped for a coffee here, I just had to take this picture. The walls of the entire place were covered with surprisingly up to date posters.

This concludes the tour of Camden town, not sure if I’ll put a map to this place but you should find it quite easily on a map (unless you’re like me and don’t know how maps essentially work).


awesome said...

Wow it must have taken alot of efforts to take such varied photos, from scenes to delicious close ups of market offerings. nice write too.Definetely must revisit your site when anyone can't think of new places to visit in UK.

KimHo said...

Thanks a lot for the pictures and show us this place! They look great! See, you don't need to envy us in Vancouver, hehehehe.

monchichi said...

Hi awesome and KimHo, thanks for those comments. I'll try to do more posts on places I visit around London. KimHo, Vancouver has lots of different places, and your posts make them all look so fabulous!!!

yuqi chock said...

oh my god, look at the size of that curry pan ... 0_0

and what do you mean fudge, not for you!! i would have gone mad in that fudge shop.

- chocky

monchichi said...

Just don't like fudge, lovely to have you visit here!

Unknown said...

You're such a Pap(arrazi...Spelling? Who knows...). Samuel L Jackson is holding the Electric Ballrom sign!

And Canal purists will be up in arms in their Narrowboats everywhere for calling their preciouscanal a river!

The food pics look so nice, I'm hungry now...

monchichi said...

So I don't know what a river is ... LOL about the Samuel L Jackson comment, I had another look and it is!!!

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