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Monday, 6 April 2009

Eating in – Feb 09

As February was a pretty busy month for me, I did what most busy people do when they have no time to cook. I asked the bf to be chef for the month.

This is why most of the pictures below feature meat and chips of some variety, just in a different arrangement on the plate.

Steak and chips 2

The first week we had steak and chips. Usually, we don’t eat much meat, only those used in stir fries or in small bits.

We felt like having something really satisfying for dinner that day, and went to the supermarket to get a piece of steak. Not knowing which bits were best for frying, we spent half an hour looking at each piece of steak on the shelves.

One suggestion for supermarkets all round (if this idea becomes big, you saw it here first).

Why don’t they put up charts of cows, like where the sirloin is, where the T-bone is, you get the picture (pun) so that people who don’t usually buy steak know what they’re looking for? In the same chart, they could have a useful guide as to which bits is best for what.

Like how tube maps are, with lines and everything.

cow steak Example diagram

(If Tesco or Asda are reading this and would like a copy, or perhaps my drawing services, you know where to find me)

Chicken and chips

Asda were offering Birds Eye chicken fillets for £1. Each pack had 2 pieces of chicken, making it 50p per piece of chicken.

Mushroom risotto

Instant risotto from a pack, which was pretty nifty considering all you had to do was add water and it was done. This may sound like how risotto is usually cooked anyway (ie adding water to rice), but we didn’t have to season this as it came with the flavourings!


awesome said...

Did you copy that picture from the vietnamese restaurant?? Cos it loos more like a sectioned dog ha ha

monchichi said...

I drew that myself! So creative, correct?

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