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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch

Why review a new restaurant, when you can always review the same restaurant again? As all successful food bloggers say, ‘Why try something new when you know what you like.’

(That is a joke that will get me no where.)

We like Viet Grill. Alot. So much so that every Friday when we’re debating where to go for dinner, the default choice is always Viet Grill (salt and pepper squid is a good reason if you need one).

Without meaning to sound like some sort of unpaid ambassador for Toptable, there is a reservation service for Viet Grill from Toptable, and every time you make a reservation, and then write a review, you get 200 points. When you’ve accumulated 1,400 points, you get a free meal from one of their selected restaurants.

So you might have to write the same review over and over again, eat ze peas ee, lemon squeezy.


I won’t elaborate on these dishes in terms of prices and that as you can check it out in the previous post of this place. The summer rolls here are so fresh, and so chewy (that is a good thing as I like chewy food). When I say something is chewy, that is a compliment.

For example, your new dress is so chewy.


Now, if chewy was a compliment, the feudal beef is CHEWMAGNIMOUS. This is the best, the most tender, the most flavoursome, the most well-grilled and the most every complimentary adjective piece of steak you could ever find.

(Unless of course if you’re comparing it to something ridiculous like Wagyu beef.)

But in the correct comparison league, this is top of the class. Wanna have affordable, really recommended beef? This is it.


The salt and pepper squid is the reason we come here so frequently. That, and the feudal beef and summer roll.

Each piece is crispy, crunchy, chewy and nicely salty.


Bun sa (lemongrass sauteed chicken with rice vermicelli) £6.50

The noodle dish that just wasn’t up to scratch. We’ve had the other noodle dishes from here which I’ll recommend to anyone, but this one was not one of them. The chicken was flavourful, but the noodles were just so watery, not with gravy but from the vegetables on top of the dish. This made the noodles soggy, and just not very nice.

Discounting the one dish which wasn’t up to standard, I’d still come back to Viet Grill, and recommend that you do too as it’s really one of the better Vietnamese restaurants in London.

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