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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bodean’s (Soho), 10 Poland Street, London, W1F 8PZ

Bodean's, Soho

Oh don’t even start – mention Bodean’s and the bf starts singing it to the tune of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. The same song then goes on the whole day in my head on some loop gone wrong until I replace it with an even more annoying song. Or maybe some grilled chicken.

Bodean's, Soho

Every single time we’d been to Bodean’s (the one either in Soho, or the one near Tower Bridge) and wanted to go into the Rib Restaurant (the bit downstairs where you get waiter service and that), it’s been an hour wait. This time however, we decided to just stick with the upstairs diner-style area.

The upstairs (ie ground floor) is laid out with long tables to fit large groups of people and bar-high swivel chairs support the hungry diners. There is a queue to get to the counter where we placed our order, and were given a number on the receipt.

On a side note, the cow that you see in the picture has a stamp on his buttocks saying ‘Eat pork’.

Bodean's, Soho

So, a one-sided laminated A4 menu, consisting pretty much just meat. Yes, if you’re vegetarian, it’s chips all the way, I’m afraid. Actually, I didn’t really check out the vegetarian section so who knows, they might even have a salad or something.  

Bodean's, Soho

Pastrami sandwich £8.50

Having had amazing pastrami from Katz Deli in New York (that post to come at some point), the bf is now very much into pastrami. Personally, I found the version here much better than the one from Katz, but that could possibly be because I like processed meat, and the texture of the meat here was slightly softer, chewier, and you know, kinda, more, processed. It came in a cute little red basket with grease-proof paper. There’s something about food presented like this that makes me feel as though I’m on a picnic and that the calories don’t count.

Yes, I know that is probably the reason why I eat so much.

Bodean's, Soho

Ohhhhh pastrami – you look so good, and taste even better.

Bodean's, Soho

I’m a ribs-and-wing kinda person, and as the wings were only starter-portioned, I chose the ribs. While the bf was away ordering the food, the waitress brought over a HOOOOOOOOOGE tray of ribs, like, seriously huge, like two-feet-long-hoooooooge to the guy next to us.

‘Oh yes’, I thought, as I rubbed my hands in glee. ‘I knew I didn’t eat lunch for a reason.’

Bodean's, Soho

Half Baby Back Ribs Dinner £9.95

When they yelled our order number out, I rolled up the sleeves, took out the fork, and prepared to battle it out with The Ribs.

They. Were. Not. Hooooooge.

They were, in fact, so small that I counted about six, maybe seven, little sticks, and so I had to eat them very delicately and slowly, trying to make it last as long as I could. No comment on the ‘slaw. The chips were nice, they had some sort of spice coating each chip, which made it quite good, as far as chips go. 

Bodean's, Soho

Despite the slightly-smaller-than-the-guy-next-to-me’s rib portion, we really liked this place and would definitely consider going back for maybe some pulled pork or even the burger. So, to ask the usual, would I recommend it? Sure would.

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