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Friday, 15 July 2011

New York Eats – Lady M Cake Boutique, 41 East 78th Street New York, NY 10021

My uncle, the NY Tour Guide (unofficial) had taken us to eat Sable’s bagels as the first (bottomless) pit stop. Stomachs sufficiently stretched, and mouths tired from chewing, he decided that we just had to stop for a dessert break at Lady M.

New York - Lady M

Not knowing what this place was or what it is famous for, I went into the shop with him. Lady M looks nothing like any other cake shop I’d been to before. In fact, it looks nicer than most shops I’ve been to; food or non-food.

he walls were white with not much else in the shop aside from one glass display table containing the most wonderful, beautiful, delicate cakes.

New York - Lady M

It was almost like going to a make-up counter and wanting to eat all the make-up on display because they look so tasty. Haven’t you ever felt that before? I get that quite alot, this whole wanting to eat my make-up thing. Especially when I’m in one of those Lush shops where the soaps look better than my dinners.

New York - Lady M

The only difference here is that you can actually eat the stuff on display.

New York - Lady M Mille crepe

The ever famous Mille Crepe

My uncle bought us 2 slices, and we waited with anticipation as we took the mouth-watering journey from Lady M to the car.

New York - Lady M Mille crepe

They put more effort into packaging the crepe than I do when going out to dinner.

New York - Lady M Mille crepe

Now we just have to take off the sticker and crepes shall be ours.

New York - Lady M Mille crepe

From Lady M’s site: No less than 20 paper thin, hand-made crêpes layered with ethereally light and creamy custard.

I agree!!! It was like eating the most amazing crème brûlée but 20 times over, and each bite just as delightfully crunchy, sweet and bursting with flavour as the next.

It was like, and I’ll try my most pathetic best at describing this:

Crunchy and sweet at first bite
Creamy and slightly cinnamon-y when you get past the first layer
Crunchy again at the next layer
Repeat 19 times

Absolutely fab, and so far, I’ve not found another crepe which comes anywhere close to this one.

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