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Monday, 25 July 2011

New York Eats – Sable’s, 1489 Second Ave. (77th & 78th Sts.) New York, NY 10075

New York - Sable's bagels

When we were in New York sometime May last year (nothing like a bit of efficient blogging, I know), my uncle took on the role of being Unofficial NY Tour Guide, specialising mainly in food, and did a good job too.

The first stop on the tour was
Sable’s, which holds the reputation for being one of the best places for smoked fish and caviar in New York.

New York - Sable's bagels

Walking in the narrow shop, the first thing you notice is the counter crammed full of fish - salmon, lobster, smoked fish of all sorts, shellfish, pretty much any fish you can imagine. Now, the important thing to remember here is to Focus, Focus, Focus. Know what you want, and don't stray off the ordering track.

"I'll have some of everything, please."

New York - Sable's bagels

And if you're not convinced just how famous they are, and need some persuasion, check out the wall. Polaroids of their famous diners adorn the (once) bare wall.

New York - Sable's bagels

You can buy their famous smoked salmon and lobster salad (mmmmm) by weight, but because my uncle is sorta familiar with them, and because he paid (most important point), we don't really know how much the stuff we ate cost.

Anyhow, not important. What's important is that oh boy oh boy did we enjoy ourselves here.

New York - Sable's bagels

They have an online ordering system, so I did a quick check of their menu and came up with some prices just so you get a general idea of the place.

New York - Sable's bagels

Smoked Scottish Salmon US$36.00 (it didn't mention the weight so I guess it's for a portion)
Herring Fillet (Each) US$5.99

Quart of Sable`s Chicken Soup US$6.99
Pint of Lobster Seafood Cream Chowder US$6.99

Smoked combos:
Sturgeon w. Russian Caviar Sandwich Combo US$39.99
Sables w. Baked Salmon Salad Sandwich Combo US$11.99

1/2 Pound of Lobster Salad US$17.00 (you HAVE to try this)
1/2 Pound of Whitefish Salad US$11.00

New York - Sable's bagels

Quick detour - they have 2 shops in one, and this is the other side of it where you can pick up more food, some drinks, and dine-in.

New York - Sable's bagels

Where we sat, being hungry.

New York - Sable's bagels


It's so good, it's written in caps. Imagine if you may, THE most succulent lobster you've ever had. Each piece was crunchy and bursting with fresh, lobstery goodness. One bite of it and I was in the middle of the ocean, floating on an inflatable raft, lying in the sun, grinning stupidly with a mouthful of lobster salad.

Then, if that wasn't enough, add some mayo/white sauce of some sort.

That always makes a meal better.

New York - Sable's bagels

King Crab Meat Salad

And while I'm still on that inflatable raft, I took another bite of this King Crab Meat Salad, and whaddya know - the grin got wider. Try as I might, I can't explain to you how much I like salad sauce / mayo / similar sauces to that, with my seafood. I know some of you are saying, hey, if the seafood's fresh, it should be eaten on its own, but buddy, this is a different kinda dish altogether.

New York - Sable's bagels

It's taken as fact that the seafood here is fresh, but because the salads are meant to be eaten with bagels or in a sandwich of some sort, I guess it requires a sauce, and this is the sauce. Whatever the reason, I can't find a better combination than what they have here, and every mouthful was a delight.

New York - Sable's bagels

We also got a plate of Smoked Salmon and Lake Sturgeon - both of which were gorgeously fresh. As I ate my way through all the fish, I just couldn't believe how creamy and luxuriously smooth each piece was. Never having had Lake Sturgeon before, this was surprisingly clean-tasting; kinda like eating white fish with a mild taste of seawater.

New York - Sable's bagels

If you can't decide what to have on your bagel, have everything.

New York - Sable's bagels

Definitely worth the visit here if you like your fish. They know their stuff, and they do it well.

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Su-Lin said...

Oh wow - my eyes popped out of my head at that lobster salad!

monchichi said...

It was good stuff! Could've eaten the whole pot by itself (had it been me paying because then I wouldn't have felt so rude!)

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