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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Yong Tau Foo from Food Fare, MBFC

The new food court at Tower 3 at the Marina Bay Financial Centre has a yong tau foo stall which is ok - nothing amazing but it is after all a food court in an office building so lower the standards a little and it's actually enjoyable. Had this for dinner today, along with some beef kimchi soup.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Zheng Swee Kee Chicken Rice, 25 Seah Street, #01-01 Singapore

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice

When my folks were in Singapore for a holiday, they mentioned a chicken rice place which was highly recommended by their friend. Said friend, being Malaysian and all, clearly knows a lot about good food, so instead of tossing the suggestion into the Bin of Rubbish Food Suggestions, we decided to check it out.

Not much was given as a guideline – the chicken rice shop by Raffles Hotel.

So, I put those exact words into Google and out came pictures of the place shown above. Must be famous then if those words alone could generate that many hits of the one place?

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice table condiments

Chicken rice condiments – Garlic chilli sauce, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce

You gotta have the chilli sauce with the rice. Sod the chicken. Who needs chicken. It’s the rice I’m most interested in.

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice chilli sauce and gingerZheng Swee Kee chicken rice chilli sauce and ginger

And of course, with most Hainanese chicken rice, you have to have the ginger mixed in with the chilli sauce and dark soy sauce.

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice (23)

So we ordered the Hainanese steamed chicken to have with the rice. Not my choice of chicken, to be honest, as I prefer roasted chicken which has less pink meat. When it comes to chicken, I’ve never really learned to eat anything other than the white meat. I mean, I’ve kinda stretched to the wings and that, but still can’t actually eat drumsticks and the lot. My folks enjoyed this quite a bit, saying that the chicken was tender and firm (organic chicken, if I’m not mistaken).

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice (27)

Oh uh huh yes this was what I came for. The rice. Not any common rice, but the flavoured chicken-rice rice. It tastes so fragrant, and each grain sits comfortably on its own. I just absolutely so love chicken-rice rice. This did not disappoint. In fact, it possible is one of the top three nicest chicken-rice rice I’ve ever had.

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice - shredded chicken and jellyfish

Thai-styled Kerabu Jelly Fish

Because I don’t like the chicken, and because the rice was just too good to not be accompanied by anything else, I decided to order something which would really offset the taste of the rice. This sour, sweet, tangy and spicy dish with a slight lemongrass tinge of crunchy jelly fish was an excellent choice to accompany the rice. Enjoyable and definitely something to be ordered again.

Bossy cafe and restaurant

Zheng Swee Kee chicken rice menu

Definitely gonna make another visit to this place.

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