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Having taken my liking for food from a tastebuds perspective to a photography point of view, I quickly decided that I needed a place to store, and also display these little morsels. These days, I find that I actually enjoy taking pictures of food more than actually eating it. Not sustainable. Fact.

A brief summary for those who are interested:
  • Started the blog in Manchester when the husband (then boyfriend) bought me my first DSLR for my birthday. I am still using my favourite Nikon D60 for most of the photos here, and absolutely love it. I may not be the best at adjusting the light, aperture, etc. but usually manage to take OK photos so me and that camera have something special going on. 
  • Moved to London towards the end of 2007 as we were drawn to the bright lights, loud noises and variety of food on offer. Prior to the move, there was a brief period in time where we actually panicked about not being able to find out favourite foods from Manchester in London, but a few weeks of exploration (and getting lost) quickly put that worry at ease. 
  • Moved from London to Singapore in November 2011 having spent 10 years in the UK and the food adventures shall be continued from Singapore and around Asia. 
  • Our budgets have expanded slightly, almost proportionally with the diameter of our waists so we no longer only visit places that do not require tipping, and serve you food on plastic plates. That doesn't mean we've gone up in the world in any shape or form. It just means that we have less to spend since it's going mainly on food. 
  • This does not, however, stop me from my other interest, which is fashion. It doesn't mean I am fashionable - just that I like keeping up with the latest and greatest. So, sometimes a few fashion-related posts might find their way on to the blog. Few and far between. 
  • I am not a techy person, so this blog is continuously evolving (hopefully for the better) as I get more familiar with things, and also navigate my way around these complex HTML and CSS things. Husband though, offers his techy help whenever possible. I then, mess around with the codes, break most of them, so sometimes things might not look their best though they are swiftly fixed. 
  • I am not a person who is terribly fond of trying new things, so you'll notice that I review some restaurants more than a few times. If it ain't working, try harder. If it doesn't taste nice, maybe you've ordered the wrong thing. 
  • All opinions expressed are from a non-professional point of view, and should not ever be taken seriously. 
  • UPDATED: I have another blog www.notanotherbigmomma.blogspot.com which is about my journey to mommyhood, so feel free to check it out if you're interested. 
Contact me at: notanotherbigmenu ---a t--- gmail.com
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