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Tuesday 7 October 2008

I had this ...

Pizza Ristorante (Pollo)

I was going to call this post 'I cooked this' but as I uploaded the pics, it was quite obvious I didn't actually cook any of them (except one).

This was dinner yesterday. Pizza. Frozen, ovened, eaten. This brand (Pizza Ristorante) is supposed to be one of the better ones, which advertise themselves as frozen pizzas tasting much like the real thing. Comparing this with the other frozen pizzas, it does taste much better. Not too sure about the base though, because they all tend to be slightly cardboard hard, but the toppings are much better, you can taste the herbs, and it's not just covered in mozarella to fool you (in the words of Mr T).

Fried meehoon (the 8 portions at once cookout)

This is the one I actually cooked. 8 portions in one. They say with efficiency comes ... eating the same thing over and over again.

You might think I made this, but no, you would be incorrect (fried rice)
What can you find in the frozen aisle of the supermarket? Let me briefly describe. Oven chips, potato waffles, microwaved egg fried rice, doner kebabs, cheese toasties (efficiency at its best), frozen cauliflower, frozen onions (?), curry with rice, sweet & sour chicken and rice, ladies fingers, roti canai, and pink fluffy sandals. Kidding on the last one.
Thus, with such a selection, who need to cook anyway?
One of the frozen chickens I was talking about
Quite a lost little random post, this one, but hey, this is what I had.

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