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Friday 24 October 2008

Lots and lots

This is a pizza. Not just any pizza, but a Domino's pizza. That is enough to make it more superior than any other pizza.

They're doughy and soft and each pizza comes with a garlic (or BBQ) dip. How awesome is that. A large Domino's pizza here costs about £15, but if you collect it instead of having it delivered, usually there are promotional offers such as Buy One Get One Free.

Needless to say, we usually collect.

This is the steak from Jamie's Wine Bar, near St. Paul's and actually in the City & Thameslink tube station. Sometimes, they have promotional offers on Toptable's website (http://www.toptable.co.uk/) and these include 50% off offers.

The steak at Jamie's, before the offer, is about £13.50 which means that after the offer, you get a 12 ounce steak for about £7. This is cheaper than the steak from Wetherspoon's, and, unless you like the tough, chewy, and mothball-smell that comes with a Wetherspoon steak, you'd be better off going to Jamie's.

Consistency though, is an issue at this wine bar. We've been there about 5 times now, and only twice have we really had a nice steak here. Actually, once, they didn't have the steak so perhaps that shouldn't be included in the count.

This is chilli con carne. For those who've not had this before, the word 'chilli con carne' might conjur 2 images (depending on what genre of films you watch).

Homer Simpson at the Great Chilli Cook-out, or
Cowboys eating from a tin can

This is actually a very similar dish to bolognese sauce, with the addition of chilli spices and beans to the chilli con carne (and you have it with rice).

When eaten hot, the spiciness and heat make you almost chew it too quickly, and the after taste is slightly salty and just that little bit bitter from the beans.

Here's a favourite at any English pub (and lazy cook's kitchen). Bangers and mash. Usually, 3 sausages and a heap of mash at a pub costs £8. When cooked in your own kitchen, it costs probably £3. I'm not quite sure why they charge those prices for what is actually just sausages and potatoes.

Best sausages for this: Cumberland, Lincolnshire

Marks and Spencer are now doing these £10 'dining for 2' meals during the weekends. What this means is that for £10, you get mains, side dishes, wine and dessert for 2. The chicken shown above is from that deal (ravioli added on), and the quality of the items are definitely worth the £10.

Chicken kiev baked in tomato sauce rice (lifted straight off the local chinese cafe menu). Chicken kiev (or chicken pieces) from the supermarket, baked in the oven till cooked, placed on top of rice, tomato sauce poured on top of that, and sprinkle with gratted cheddar. Baked at 180 degrees.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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