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Sunday 23 November 2008

Marks & Spencer - 2 can dine for £10

A little chicky amongst Lindt chocolates.

Marks & Spencer have been doing a '2 can dine for £10' promo recently, about once every 2 weeks. It starts on Thursday and continues on to Sunday, so basically, it's pretty much on for most of the week except from Mondays to Wednesday (when most of the other restaurants have their promotions, so we're OK there).

For £10, with this promo, you get:

Main meals for 2
(gammon ham, a whole chicken, moussaka, lasagne)

Side dishes for 2
(roast potatos, mash potato, mediterranean vegetables)

Desserts for 2
(apple and berry sponge, raspberry pannacota, Bramley apple pie)

2 pack juice or wine

Having read on the forums that the good items get snapped up pronto, we went to the local M&S about an hour after it opened (not too much desperation). Without a basket (or a parking space), I put as many items as I could fit on me, and queued up only to find the parking warden standing over the car.

Anyway, we bought the whole free-range chicken, roast potatos, the apple and raspberry sponge and the 2-pack juice.

This is the chicken after it was roasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes. We sprinkled rosemary, thyme, sea salt and pepper, and added garlic (mooshed under a cup) and olive oil to the chicken before roasting it.

We were going to have some Yorkshire pudding, or something with the meal, but decided that we were too lazy for that, thus the reason for the plate having only chicken and potatos.

The raspberry sponge was really good, never tried this from M&S before, but will be having this again.

This is the lemon meringue pie from M&S (not in the £10 promo).

Had this for lunch - poached eggs on toast with tinned spaghetti.

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Anonymous said...

I will be eating this for my breakfast one early morning too. looks so tasty!!

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