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Tuesday 23 December 2008

Leicester Square, all festive and sparkly

Leicester Square is where you go to get a caricature drawing of yourself. It’s also where you go to get a glimpse of celebrities when they arrive for premiers. However, during the festive pre-Christmas season, the street artists and celebrities are replaced by lots and lots of carnival rides.

In a way, it’s pretty much the same thing as before. You pay lots for something you’re not sure you’re gonna want.

Not too many words in this post, just let the pictures do the yakking.



This way to Covent Garden.


This way to Trafalgar Square.


While I was snapping away at some colourful ride, this one caught my attention. It must have been the brightest ride of all at the fair, and the most sparkly one.






Is it me or does the monkey look like he is about to sock the bear.

Festive treats


Before the stores began to sell Christmas-type food, I resolved not to buy any so that I won’t have to stuff myself silly before the actual occasion. This resolve ended when I bought my first panettone. After that, my new resolve was to buy as many panettones that I possibly could in a week, and eat them all before the expiry date.


Panettone is an Italian Christmas cake, and its texture is something between bread, and cake. When microwaved, it becomes soft, and more bread-like compared to when it’s cold.


Egg tart thrown in for some variety.

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