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Thursday 12 February 2009

Taza Kebab, 35A Queensway, London W2 4QJ

If you find yourself going to a kebab place on purpose (i.e. not after being to the pub), the kebab place is either really top-quality, or you probably have quite a disgraceful diet.


Taza Kebab counts itself as one of the places we go to when we’re in search of top-quality kebabs. Not having been to ALL the kebab shops in London, I can’t say that this is the best, but I can say that this is the best we’ve been to. Anyone else been to better, do let me know.

It’s located along the stretch of road between Queensway and Bayswater tube station. Sandwiched (haha) between Chinese restaurants, waffle shops and lots of souvenir shops selling ‘Look I’ve been to London and all I have is this T-Shirt’ t-shirts, this place was discovered upon recommendation by a friend (a kebab-munching one).


The main difference between the kebabs here and from other places is the pitta bread used. The pitta is placed in a panini toaster and toasted till crispy. Where most kebabs have soggy bread, each bite of the kebab combo here is crispy and almost crunchy.


There is a choice of lamb shawarma or chicken shawarma, or, if you can’t decide, a choice of both. We had a large mixed shawarma with all the trimmings.


Each kebab is made to order, almost too leisurely. The guy takes your order, looks about a bit, shaves some meat off, looks about some more, put the bread into the toaster, we all wait around some more, and finally, it’s filled with salad and handed over to you (after a bit more leisurely waiting).


No, not ready yet. Sauce to be drizzled on.


This was taken in very dim lighting, as there wasn’t space in the little restaurant to sit in.

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