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Friday 27 March 2009

Lunch at Debenhams, Bristol

Cafes within shopping malls have always fascinated me. Could it be the queuing up that is exciting? Or the fact that I get to point and choose and have WHATEVER I fancy (within reasonable limits as to what is available on the hot counter).

Whatever the reason, there is nothing more satisfying that paying £4 for some soup and roll.

Except maybe, paying £1.50 for the same soup and roll.

Last week, when it was bright and sunny in England (you could almost have a conversation with someone and they'd know EXACTLY which day you were referring to because there are not that many sunny days in England) we decided to go shopping.

If you check out the other posts here which refer to sunny days, they're probably all in the same day, just, split out into different posts to give the impression that I do more than I actually do.

Anyway, we decided to have lunch at the cafe in Debenhams, Bristol. I wanted to take a picture of what the cafe looked like, but it was already closing by the time we arrived, so it was either picture or food.

We know which option it is, always.

I selected the soup and roll option, and because it said on the board that any side salad with a soup would only cost an additional 99p, I decided to splash out.

After splashing out, I had a look at the receipt. Instead of charging the 99p as stated on the board, the full price had been charged. Pushing all logic and mathematical reasonableness aside (about 50p difference), I sent the bf up to the counter to ask for the 50p back.

It's a matter of principal when it comes to these things.

When they had a check of the receipt, it seems they had double charged for another item so I guess it was a good thing we stuck to those principals.

Ranting makes you hungry, have a look at what we had.


Flan (apricot or peach?) looking very similar to crumble.

Strawberry tart

Strawberry tart, which was so nice. The fruit was sweet, on top of a custard layer, encased in a sweet shortcrust pastry.

Gammon and pineapple

Gammon, chips and baked beans – a plate of comfort food ahead of shopping. Perfect for trying on those jeans later.

How was this compared to other mall cafes? I’d say it was one of the better ones, as despite being after the lunch rush hour, the food was still tasty, and there were quite a few choices to choose from.

Would I come here again? Well, if I’m shopping here, why not, but it’s not one of those places you’d come to specifically for the food, tasty enough as it was.

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