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Wednesday 27 May 2009

030509 Tao Foo Fah, SS2 outside Savemart

Taofoofah SS2 man

Our friend the tao foo fah man whom we’ve been buying from since the early-80’s. Although not based at any permanent spot, everyone knows not to park at the spot he parks at so it’s pretty much permanent anyway. He’s there from Tuesdays to Sundays, from about 10am to evening time.

Considered one of the masters of this delicate dessert, he’s one of the first to start a stall selling this which is why he remains popular till today. Unlike some other tao foo fahs which are watery and without substance, this one manages to be silky smooth, yet contain enough substance and taste in each spoonful.

Taofoofah SS2

It’s RM1.10 per bowl, and when he asked me how much one of these sold in England and found out that it was about £2.50 - £3, it really looked as though he might be considering another business over there.

Haven’t posted for over a week as I’ve been enjoying the local delights, and this was one of them so I most definitely recommend this.

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