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Tuesday 5 May 2009

Malaysian Airline food – in anticipation of better food

Why did I choose to have airplane food featured on this blog? Some might say it’s because I have no standards when it comes to food, and that may be true, but the reason for this was so that the rest of the food would look so much better.

Featuring airplane food from Malaysian Airlines.

MAS rendang beef

This was the beef rendang, described as chilli beef which may have been misleading to anyone familiar with the more Mexican version of chilli beef. The current economic condition seems to have resulted in clingfilm being used instead of the transparent plastic covers that were used before, so it looks very much more … home-made.

The rice was very coconut-y, which is good because it’s supposed to be like that. The beef was much more flavourful than the chicken I had, so in a way, that was good also as I didn’t want to fill myself up with airplane food.

MAS roast chicken and potatoes

Roast chicken with potatoes, with green beans which had been cooked from the day before, and only taken out the day after (it tasted like that anyway).

MAS nasi lemak

Overall, for plane food, I’d say it was OK, and definitely made us look forward to the meals that were coming up next, in Malaysia if you haven’t guessed already.

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