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Tuesday 2 June 2009

060509 BBQ Chicken, One Utama, Bandar Utama


My mum had some vouchers for this place, so we decided to try it out. Some people had said that this restaurant was good, which meant that we weren’t going just because of the vouchers, but that they were another good reason. Located in One Utama, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the country (because they keep expanding it), it is one among the many restaurants which seem to be empty most of the time, yet remain in business.


Going in on a weekday around lunchtime, two tables were occupied, and with us, three. As we sat down on the bright pink sofas and looked at the menu, we decided what to have from the menu, as the promotion meant that for every main dish we ordered, we received one dish free, as specified in the voucher. The 2 vouchers we selected had the BBQ Jerk chicken and grilled boneless chicken burger as the free items.


BBQ Jerk Chicken RM15.90

The BBQ Jerk chicken was the first to get to the table, which meant that all the forks went towards it at the same time. First impressions count, and this was spicy. It’s not the spicy that you find in curries, but the kind which gave you the impression it wasn’t spicy, and then, ping it is. Tender though, and very flavourful, because they used thigh meat and kept the skin on which retained the marinade.


Korean Charbroiled Chicken RM17.90

The next to come to the table was the Korean Charbroiled chicken, which tasted very similar to teriyaki chicken. Two pieces came with coleslaw and a choice of chips, mash potato or fried rice. This was our favourite dish, as it wasn’t too spicy, wasn’t too hard, and wasn’t too deep fried. It was soft, very tasty in that it was salty, sweet and slightly tangy, and again they used the part of the chicken which ensured that the taste absorption was maximised.


Hot Hot Drums RM15.50

The menu described this as hot and spicy sauce over juicy chicken, and it tasted similar to the hot and spicy chicken from KFC, but with a bit more sauce on it. It was certainly hot and spicy, no joke there, and I couldn’t eat more than a few bites without having a drink of water.

Boneless grilled chicken sandwich RM16.90

Boneless Grilled Chicken Sandwich RM16.90

This was a really tasty burger, a very nice change from the usual fried chicken piece in a bun. Consisting of tender, grilled chicken meat with the skin left on (and slightly crispy), with a sweet sauce similar to the one used in the Korean Charbroiled dish above, this was a very nice burger.

Would we come back to this place? With the promotion, probably because it’s good value for money but if the promotion wasn’t on, it’s a little pricey for chicken.

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Awesome said...

Miss all your delicious pictures! Nice write too, cool to be able to find a place that put so much into just chickens ha.

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