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Tuesday 16 June 2009

MJ Cafe, SS2 by the morning market, Malaysia


By the SS2 morning market, there are lots and lots of stalls. They sell pretty much anything and everything you’d want to buy (if you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it much).

Nasi lemak stall

Most of these stalls are small businesses run from a portable stall such as the one seen here, selling nasi lemak.

MJ Cafe traditional white kopi

There is one cafe just by where all the action is called MJ Cafe which started off being one of those places people would consider going to but never actually went to, to what it is now, which is a popular breakfast spot for market-goers and people waiting for the market-goers.

They have quite a bit of their meals in sets, working out slightly cheaper in the set than on its own so even though I don’t want the coffee or the egg, the Mathematician in me feels compelled to order the set as I get more value for money.

MJ Cafe toast kaya

MJ Toast set RM4.80

The toast set comes with toast served with kaya and butter, a drink of your choice, and 2 half-boiled eggs, perfect when eaten with a dash of soy sauce and a sprinkling of pepper.

MJ Cafe half boiled egg

This is not common toast, no it’s not. This is toast made from the traditional type of bread used in Malaysia in coffee shops, which is a lighter and less processed than the other types of bread here. When toasted, the lightness gives way to crunchiness, and the butter and kaya sit on top of the bread making the perfect mouthful.

Kaya is commonly known as coconut jam, but I disagree with that name, because you don’t describe jam as strawberry kaya so why call it by another name. It’s made with eggs, coconut milk, sugar and screwpine leaves (pandan leaves), slowly cooked in a pot filled with water and with another container in the pot with the kaya. This mixture has to be stirred all the way through cooking, so making this requires quite a bit of time and effort.

MJ Cafe French toast kaya

MJ French toast

Made with the same bread as the toast, the egg mixture absorbs very well into the bread, and when fried, this becomes the fluffiest slab of eggy bread ever. Eaten with kaya as all things should be, this breakfast provides me with all the energy I need. For about a week or so.

MJ Cafe half boiled egg soya sauce

Would I recommend this place? Indeed I would, we like it very much.

Market 2

You can even watch as the market stalls wind down after the hustle and bustle, while sipping hot tea, what’s not to like about this?


KimHo said...

While it does not necessarily look the same, this remind me of the markets in Panama. You would see tons of activity in the morning and will start to die down by noon. However, in the meantime, people will stop fondas,small food stands, and grab simple dishes like the ones you display. Ah, the memories... ^_^

monchichi said...

Hi KimHo, the best snacks are from these stalls, as you said! When are you gonna post about the markets of Panama, if you haven't already?

KimHo said...

I went to Panama early this year but couldn't go to the markets. Partially because I couldn't convince anybody to drive me there... ^_^;;;

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