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Thursday 30 July 2009

Have I seen you here before …

Not so much a chat up line, more a question actually.

I have this counter thing which totals up how many people visit the blog, that kinda statistical stuff. Thing is, quite a few of the people who come here come from a search engine like Google, when they search for things like:

- rubber band spinach
- sausage holder
- noodle cockroach

As a food blogger, this is not the kinda stuff I was hoping to blog about. This led me to thinking, perhaps all those 10 hits a day aren’t actually from readers, eager to find out what I had. Perhaps from those 10 hits:

5 was mine (not sure why I check my own blog out 5 times a day)
3 from people I know
1 from person led here by Google
1 from someone searching for a big menu

Thus, out of curiosity, if you’re a frequent reader, would you mind leaving a comment, anything will do, just so I know some people actually are return visitors?

Tip (pun intended haha): This is in the ‘customer suggestion’ thing below this post


Su-Lin said...

hello! I'm a regular visitor! Though perhaps my reading does not register a hit as I subscribe to your feed.

Auntie D said...


I am also a regular visitor and really enjoy your reviews. I used to be a foodie, but with advancing age and related medical conditions, I'm now relegated to living (eating) vicariously through others. I love your review and can almost taste the food. Thanks for taking the time.

monchichi said...

Hi Su-Lin and Auntie D,
Thanks for being nice enough to reply to this! It's so nice to know there are some people reading, and if someone wants to see what I'm eating, that's what we're here for!
Hope this blog keeps you entertained, and see you here soon!

KimHo said...

(Raise hand and waive) :D

monchichi said...

Hi KimHo, nice of you to drop by, I really am glad I asked this question, these replies really mean something! I'm a fan of your blog too!

Reaching for the Stars said...

Hello! I'm a regular here too.. A fellow Malaysian who's staying in Surrey! Tends to pop into London once in awhile.. there's where your blog comes in handy! And your reviews on food in Malaysia just reminds me of places where I used to go and good food at home!
Keep it up yea! ;)

monchichi said...

Hi Li Jin! Thanks for replying too!!! Knowing I have regular readers makes me want to eat, I mean, blog more!

Kake said...

Hello! I only discovered your blog today (via a search for Cafe East), but I will be a regular reader from now on! I help run a website about nice things in London, so I'm currently going back through your posts looking for ones I can link to. We seem to have a fair few places in common!

monchichi said...

Hi Kake, welcome and hope you'll continue to enjoy the posts! It's funny isn't it, how big London is, but how people all seem to go to the same places, I guess this shows how good the food there is!

monchichi said...

Kake, what's your blog?

Kake said...

Oh, sorry, I forgot to add the link! It's not a blog, but it's here.

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