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Tuesday 1 December 2009

Palate cleanser

In the absence of frequent postings (partly due to me being busy, the weather being cold, us not going out for meals, and a general lack of interesting food-related items to write about), I’ve decided to put up some random pictures taken here and there, now and again.

Just to convince you that I am still constantly wondering what to post about (even if I’m not actually doing anything about it).

Amuse-bouche no. 1 – Men in kilts

Marylebone day out - Men and kilts

We were strolling along the road that leads to Baker Street (not entirely sure what that road is, I know a quick search on Google will resolve that, but that is not the point of this), and saw these 3 men in kilts, at the ATM. It seemed slightly strange at first, but then it all became clear, and less strange, when we went by another group of kilted men, headed towards a wedding.

When I put the picture up on Flickr, I received a message from the administrator of a kilt group (it exists!) asking if I could add this picture to their collection. Why not?

There you go, amuse-bouche number 1.

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