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Thursday 17 February 2011

Books I'm reading now

A little bit of spice to the usual variety of posts you get around here ...

As I'm usually writing about food, or all things food-related, how about we have something different for a change, and talk about what is on my Kindle. For those of you not in the know, the Kindle is the electronic reading device from Amazon, and I downloads lots of books from Amazon (Kindle format) into said Kindle - thus saving lots of space and weight in my bag.

This is NOT a paid post, by the way. No adverts, nothing. Just lacking in food posts, so I thought I'd fill it up somehow.

The Kindle holds about 3,500 books (I'll let you know when I get there, and if it does hold that many) but for now, I have about 25 - 30 sitting in there, waiting to be read.

The good thing about the Kindle is that if you happen to be reading a particularly crummy book (and you do get those now and again), I can just stop reading it and move on to the next yummy one. With real books, there's the whole thing of being on the Tube, and not having an alternative book to read, so you just end up reading th adverts like some zombied out commuter staring into space.

Or try to solve the guy-next-to-you's puzzle before he gets to it.

Anyhow, I've just finished reading my favourite book of the year (granted, I'm sure there are many good books out there, I just haven't found them so far). What is this book? I couldn't put it down the moment I started - but had to. Like, during meal times, at work, etc. but whenever I was free, I just HAD to get back to the book, to kinda imagine what the author was trying to say.

The book is 'Room' by Emma Donoghue (Kindle version £2.51).

I won't spoil the reading for anyone who's interested by telling you the whole plot, but basically it tells the story from the viewpoint of a 5 year-old boy called Jack. He's been in Room all his life, and the story tells you why and how he got there, and basically what happens from then on.

I absolutely loved the book, and had to tell the fiance what I'd read each day. You know a book is a good book when you almost feel upset upon completing it, because, what am I going to read after that?

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