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Monday 24 October 2011

Flat White, 17 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PT

London views - Berwick Street, Soho

Despite having more hours' sleep than usual, and having quite a relaxed night watching American dramas the night before, the husband and I both had a bit of a headache the following day. Puzzled, we guzzled some water but when that didn't make it better, the only conclusion was this:

"We are coffee addicts"

Now that's not really surprising for me as I've been having coffee on a daily basis for the last 6 or 7 years. I am usually OK on weekends without it. However, the husband did not have coffee for 28 years, as he hated the taste of instant coffee and it never occurred to him that good coffee can actually be, well, quite good.

However, peer pressure at the office finally brought him to a small, independent coffee stall near Marylebone where he tried a flat white, and has been speaking lovingly of the coffee man and beans ever since.

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho

To get rid of the headache, we decided to get some mean beans from Flat White on Berwick Street in Soho. The husband had heard rave reviews of the place from a few friends, and having previously been there once for a quick takeaway cuppa, we decided to try it out again.

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho

The interior of the cafe is befitting of the trendy Soho area at which it is located. Although rather dim inside (a pet peeve of mine due to my rubbish photography skills), the decor is chic and quirky (I am assuming this is what the owners wanted to achieve - otherwise I apologise for using these stereotypical words for describing your cafe).

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho

The walls are decorated with photos of cameras from all decades (and are for sale too), while the seats are comfortable and cosy, even if they are situated quite close to one another. It is quite a small cafe though, so that's understandable.

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho

They do serve food, but we've never tried the food here since we only ever get here around 4pm, but I've seen people eating and the stuff looks good. There's something about staring unashamedly in a hungry sort of way at someone who's eating that makes them eat that little bit quicker.

The waiting staff are always very, very happy so if you need proof that coffee makes a person happy, just spend some time here. They chat, they laugh, they make coffee. What more do you want?

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho - Sugar jarFlat White, Berwick St, Soho

We were there around 4pm (again) and the place was nearly full of very chic-looking people drinking their coffee in a very cool, relaxed way. Sticking out like a cocoa bean among coffee beans, we proceeded to find a comfy booth to park our bums.

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho - Flat white

The husband brought back a lovely little flat white, complete with milky swirly decoration, much to my delight. Bubble tea was pushed aside (well, it was finished anyway) and we both ooh-ed and aah-ed at it for a bit. It was lovely. Very smooth, velvety and we finished it all too quickly.

Flat White, Berwick St, Soho - iced coffee

So we ordered another coffee, preferring to have something cold instead. The iced coffee was nice, and just as smooth as the Flat White, but with less milk. Overall, I prefer the Flat White as it just felt ... fuller.

We like this place very much, and it's definitely one of those places we'd go out of our way for to get to. Compared to other cafes, this one serves superior coffee, with great service, and comfy seats, right in the middle of Soho so it definitely gets our vote.

Phone number: 020 7734 0370
Website: www.flatwhite.com

P/S: Would like to wish a very Happy B'day to Chocky Wocky (@speroine) - may good food always come your way!

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KimHo said...

I am not a coffee drinker myself and, if pressed (no pun intended), I would go for a cafe con leche (*), else a caffe latte.

(*) A Spanish way of serving coffee. A very strong brew - or espresso if not available - mixed with warm milk in a 1:1 ratio.

If in a meal and given an option between coffee or tea, I would go for tea always. Now, if I was given the option to select the tea, it will depend, but usually will be between daarjeling, chrysanthemum (this last one, specially if it is for dim sum) or Earl Grey.

monchichi said...

Hey, I drink coffee on weekdays (the cheapest one) because it's just something which keeps me warm and I guess I'm used to it. Weekends - I usually have a treat from Starbucks in the form of a soya caramel latte, or something equally as warming. Call it classical conditioning, but whenever I see someone holding a Starbucks cup, I tend to imagine it contains something lovely, and very indulgent. None of that Americano nonsense! That's for weekdays only.

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